Curriculares VeBID Manual44 3 1 3 Basic Course Core Curriculum August 2021 12 Practical Content Implementation of motor learning principles Motor learning To gain an understanding of how motor learning principles sup ports clinical practice Consideration of the effect of practice conditions with respect to optimizing positive neuroplastic change within a treatment session e g whole vs part task training random vs blocked practice constant vs variable practice To gain an understanding of other influences on motor learning e g dosage feedback sleep medication M C M Subject Heading Case Report Assignment 2 hrs allocated in the curriculum to outline the casereport structure key requirements Cours e Cont act Hrs 2 Hrs Content The basic course incorporates into the course structure a period of self directed learning in the form of a written case report to be completed individually by each course participant and evaluated by the course instructor s The aim of the case report is to allow the course participant to consolidate their clinical application of the Bobath concept The written case report should have the following structure a title an abstract an introduction to the report including a statement that the patients consent was obtained a presentation of the clinical case including the patient narrative functional movement analysis and the use of skilled facilitation to identify the patients potential a movement diagnosis main problems and compensatory strategies utilized generation of a working hypothesis use of relevant outcome measures treatment re evaluation discussion key learning points references The written case report should integrate the current evidence base to underpin the course participant s clinical reasoning processes Course participants will not receive a course certificate with an IBITA stamp without successful submission of a written case report Reflective Journal The course participant is encouraged to record the events of the day that is subsequently reflected upon to identify individual educational needs The use of reflection or thinking about practice by the course participant helps accelerate the acquisition and integration of knowledge e Contact Hrs 2 Hrs

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