Curriculares VeBID Manual42 3 1 3 Basic Course Core Curriculum August 2021 10 Practical Content Moving in sitting moving from sitting to lying moving in lying moving from lying to sitting Exploration of moving in sitting Introduction to the role of the trunk pelvis and lower limbs in selective weight transfer Introduction to anterior posterior and lateral pelvic tilt in selective weight transfer vs weight shift and quality of upper limb movements Analysis of sit to lie To understand the differing demands on postural control in moving from sit to lie To understand the role of weight transfer changing Base of Support and scapulothoracic stability throughout this transition Facilitation to gain eccentric control into lying Exploration of moving in lying Introduction to the development of core activation selective trunk activity and its influence on selective limb head movement Facilitation of selective foot knee hip and pelvic control Facilitation of selective hand wrist elbow shoulder complex Facilitation of selective neck and head movement Introduction to the role and use of placing Facilitation from lie to side lie through selective UL and or LL activation Analysis of lying to sit To understand the neuromuscular and postural demands of this transition in particular core strength and anticipatory postural control To understand weight transfer change in Base of Support and independence of UL s and LL s Facilitation to gain core activation and head placing

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