Curriculares VeBID Manual 35 IBITA INTERNATIONAL BOBATH INSTRUCTORS TRAINING ASSOCIATION Page 4 3 3 Basic Course Core Curriculum 12 October 2016 Model of Bobath Clinical Practice MBCP The Model of Bobath Clinical Practice MBCP is the clinical parallel to the updated theoretical assumptions published by Vaughan Graham et al 2009 and illustrates the unique aspects of the clinical application of the Bobath concept Use to describe the integration of posture and movement with respect to quality of task performance and the use of facilitation to positively effect postural control and perception Relate to current neuroscience and neuro rehabilitation evidence Outcome Measures 1 Importance of evaluating clinically relevant change and the choice of subjective objective outcome measurement Implications with respect to the ICF It is expected that relevant outcome measures will be implemented during patient treatment sessions during the course PRACTICAL COMPONENTS Subject Heading Hrs Content Clinical Assessment Treatment 36 hours within which there are a minimum of 22 hours for patient sessions 36 Review of subjective and objective data analysis of dysynergic inefficient movement assessment of potential hypothesis generation development of a treatment plan goals and evaluation clearly articulating the clinical reasoning process and relevance of interventions Use the MBCP to illustrate the clinical application of the Bobath concept To facilitate use of the MBCP in clinical practice and educational environments a worksheet and guidelines have been developed The worksheet provides a practical tool for IBITA instructors to use to highlight the integration of theoretical and professional practice knowledge to explain the individual clinical presentation Patient Demonstration An instructor led learning opportunity demonstrating the clinical application of the Bobath concept Discussion practical explanation post demonstration is essential to clarify the clinical reasoning process Patient Workshops A guided and supported learning opportunity enabling the course participant s to make explicit their clinical reasoning process Patient Sessions Opportunity for peer learning with instructor supervision enabling the course participant to develop their assessment and treatment progression and clinical reasoning process with respect to the individual patient within his her environment

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