Curriculares VeBID Manual 33 IBITA INTERNATIONAL BOBATH INSTRUCTORS TRAINING ASSOCIATION Page 2 3 3 Basic Course Core Curriculum 12 October 2016 PRACTICAL COMPONENTS Clinical Assessment and Treatment Model of Bobath Clinical Practice MBCP Patient Demonstrations Patient Workshops Patient Assessment Treatment and Evaluation by course participants Practical Sessions Movement Analysis and Facilitation SELF DIRECTED LEARNING Assignment Reflective journal Self evaluation tool OTHER COMPONENTS THAT MAY BE INCLUDED IN THE BASIC COURSE Oro Facial problems Perceptual problems contraversive pushing apraxia neglect Model of Bobath Clinical Framework MBCF OPTIONAL COMPONENTS examples Assistive Devices Body Weight Support Training Mental Imagery Constraint Induced Movement Therapy Botox Splinting THEORETICAL COMPONENTS Subject Heading Hrs Content Introduction 2 Introduction and needs of participants Course procedures structure and logistics requirements regarding course fulfilment learning objectives and use of self evaluation tool Information about IBITA and the website Introduction to the Bobath concept today definition and brief history assumption and principles

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