Curriculares VeBID Manual28 Andere Komponenten die im Grundkurs einbezo gen werden können Störung des fazio oralen Traktes kognitiv perzeptive Probleme wie Pushersymptoma tik Apraxie Neglect Optionale Komponenten therapeutische Hilfsmittel Training mit Gewichtsentlastung mentales Training Constrained Induced Movement Therapy Botulinum Toxin und Redression etc Literatur Neglect Iosa M Guariglia C Matano A Paolucci S Pizzamiglio L Recovery of personal neglect Eur J Phys Rehabil Med 2015 Nov 27 Epub ahead of print Kerkhoff G Schenk T Rehabilitation of neglect an update Neuropsychologia 2012 50 6 1072 9 Matano A Iosa M Guariglia C Pizzamiglio L Paolucci S Does outcome of neuropsychological treatment in patients with unilateral spatial neglect after stroke affect functional outcome Eur J Phys Rehabil Med 2015 51 6 737 43 Pizzamiglio L Guariglia C Antonucci G Zoccolotti P De velopment of a rehabilitative program for unilateral neglect Restor Neurol Neurosci 2006 24 4 6 337 45 Review Pusher Syndrom Abe H Kondo T Oouchida Y et al Prevalence and length of recovery of pusher syndrome based on cerebral he mispheric lesion side in patients with acute stroke Stroke 2012 43 6 1654 1656 Babyar SR Peterson MG Reding M Case Control Study of Impairments Associated with Recovery from Pusher Syndro me after Stroke Logistic Regression Analyses J Stroke Ce rebrovasc Dis 2016 Sep 7 pii S1052 3057 16 30296 8 Babyar SR Peterson MG Reding M Time to recove ry from lateropulsion dependent on key stroke deficits a retrospective analysis Neurorehabil Neural Repair 2015 29 3 207 213 Babyar SR Peterson MG Bohannon R et al Clinical exami nation tools for lateropulsion or pusher syndrome following stroke a systematic review of the literature Clin Rehabil 2009 23 7 639 50 Brötz D Götz A Müller H Karnath HO Physiotherapeuti sche Diagnostik und Therapie der Pusher Symptomatik PT Zeitschrift für Physiotherapeuten 2002 54 365 376 Cardoen S Santens P Posterior pusher syndrome A report of two cases Clin Neurol Neurosurg 2010 112 4 347 349 Johannsen L Fruhmann Berger M Karnath HO Subjec tive visual vertical SVV determined in a representative sample of 15 patients with pusher syndrom J Neurol 2006 253 10 1367 1369 Karnath HO Brötz D Götz A Klinik Ursache und Therapie der Pusher Symptomatik Nervenarzt 2001 72 86 92 Karnath HO Brötz D Understanding and treating pusher syndrome Phys Ther 2003 83 1119 1125 Karnath HO Brötz D Pusher syndrome Phys Ther 2004 84 582 583 Santos Pontelli TE Pontes Neto OM Colafêmina JF et al Pushing behavior and hemiparesis which is critical for functional recovery in pusher patients Case report Arq Neuropsiquiatr 2007 65 2B 536 539 Yang YR Chen YH Chang HC et al Effects of interacti ve visual feedback training on post stroke pusher syndro me a pilot randomized controlled study Clin Rehabil 2015 29 10 987 93 Kraft Ausdauer Faria Fortini I Basílio ML Polese JC et al Strength deficits of the paretic lower extremity muscles were the impairment variables that best explained restrictions in participation af ter stroke Disabil Rehabil 2016 6 1 6 Gerber M Die Rückkehr ins Berufsleben nach einem Schlaganfall physioactive 2016 1 33 41 Gerber M Imhof U Post stroke Model PBDS Physical and Biopsychosocial Deconditioning Syndrome in Reha bilitation and the brain Stepping into the future III STEP Conference 2005 Proceeding Book A publication of the American Physiotherapy Association APTA Alexandria Virginia 2006 Silva P Franco J Gusmão A et al Trunk strength is associa ted with sit to stand performance in both stroke and healthy subjects Eur J Phys Rehabil Med 2015 51 6 717 724 Teixeira Salmela LF Olney SJ Nadeau S Brouwer B Muscle strengthening and physical conditioning to reduce impairment and disability in chronic stroke survivors Arch Phys Med Rehabil 1999 80 10 1211 1218 Eich HJ Mach H Werner C Hesse S Aerobic treadmill plus Bobath walking training improves walking in suba cute stroke a randomized controlled trial Clin Rehabil 2004 18 640 651 Polese JC Ada L Dean CM Nascimento LR Teixeira Salmela LF Treadmill training is effective for ambulato ry adults with stroke a systematic review J Physiother 2013 59 2 73 80

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