Curriculares VeBID Manual 25 patients Acta Neurol Scand 2003 107 5 369 381 Roby Brami A Mokhtari M Laffont I et al Analysis of trunk and upper limb synergies Lecture Notes in Computer Sci ence 1999 1739 53 57 Subramanian SK Massie CL Malcolm MP et al Does pro vision of extrinic feedback result in improved motor learning in the upper limb poststroke A systematic review of the evidence Neuorehabilitation and Neural Repair 2010 24 2 113 124 van Vliet P Pelton TA Hollands KL et al Neuroscience finding on coordination of reaching to grasp an object implication for research Neurohabil Neural Repair 2013 27 7 622 625 Yakovenko S Drew T A motor cortical contribution to anti cipatory postural adjustments that precede reaching in the cat J Neurophysiol 2009 102 2 853 874 Schmerzhafte Schulter Griffin C Management of the hemiplegic shoulder com plex Top Stroke Rehabil 2014 21 4 316 318 Review Griffin A Bernhardt J Strapping the hemiplegic shoulder prevents development of pain during rehabilitation a ran domized controlled trial Clin Rehabil 2006 20 287 295 Paci M et al Shoulder subluxation after stroke relation ships with pain and motor recovery Physiother Res Int 2007 12 2 95 104 Zeilig G Rivel M Weingarden H et al Hemiplegic shoulder pain Evidence of a neuropathic origin PAIN 2013 154 263 271 3 3 8 Assessments Wolf Motor Function Test WMFT Action Research Arm Test ARAT Nine Hole Peg Test Box and Block Test Chedoke Mc Master Arm Hand Teil Chedoke Arm and Hand Activity Inventory CA HAI Motor Evaluation Scale for Upper Extremity in Stro ke Patients MESUPES schmerzhafte Schulter VAS Goal Attainment Scale GAS etc Lehr Lernziele Der TN wählt klinische Assessments gezielt und in dividualisiert aus und setzt sie ein Er kennt und benennt relevante Ergebnismessungen für die obere Extremität Er ist in der Lage relevante Tests nach exemplari schen Vorgaben selbstständig auszuwählen durch zuführen und die Ergebnisse zu interpretieren Clinical Reasoning Literatur www physio akademie de www assessment info de www rehabmeasures org APTA EDGE Evidence Database to Guide Effectiveness task force http www neuropt org professional resour ces neurology section outcome measures recommen dations Ashford S Jackson D Turner Stokes L Goal setting using goal attainment scaling as a method to identify patient selected items for measuring arm function Physiotherapy 2015 101 1 88 94

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