Curriculares VeBID Manual18 Kavounoudias A Roll R Roll J The plantar sole is a dyna mometric map for human balance control Neuro Report 1998 9 14 3247 3252 Lopez C Schreyer HM Preuss N Mast FW Vestibular stimulation modifies the body schema Neuropsychologia 2012 Jul 50 8 1830 1837 Maravita M Spence C Driver J Multisensory integration and the body schema close to hand and within reach Current Biology 2003 13 531 539 Massion J Amblard B Assaiante C et al Body orientati on and control of coordinated movements in microgravity Brain Res Rev 1998 28 1 2 83 91 Review Mittelstaedt H Origin and processing of postural informa tion Neurosci Biobehav Rev 1998 22 4 473 478 Mohapatra S Aruin AS Static and dynamic visual cues in feed forward postural control Exp Brain Res 2013 22 4 1 25 34 Rabin E DiZio P Ventura J et al Influences of Arm Pro prioception and Degrees of Freedom on Postural Control With Light Touch Feedback Journal of Neurophysiology 2008 99 2 595 604 Rabin E DiZio P Lackner JR Timecourse of haptic stabiliza tion of posture Exp Brain Res 2003 151 3 387 404 Roll R Kavounoudias A Roll JP Cutaneous afferents from human plantar sole contribute to body posture awareness Neuroreport 2002 28 13 15 1957 1961 Therapie Posturale Kontrolle Aruin AS Enhancing Anticipatory Postural Adjustments A Novel Approach to Balance Rehabilitation J Nov Physio ther 2016 6 2 Klininc M Avcu F Onursal O et al The effects of Bobath based trunk exercises on trunk control functional capacity balance and gait a pilot randomized controlled trail Top Stroke Rehabil 2016 23 1 50 58 Kanekar N Aruin AS Improvement of anticipatory postural adjustments for balance control effect of a single training session J Electromyogr Kinesiol 2015 25 2 400 405 Karthikbabu S Nayak A Vijayakumar K et al Compari son of physio ball and plinth trunk exercises regimens on trunk control and functional balance in patients with acute stroke a pilot randomized controlled trial Clin Rehabil 2011 Aug 25 8 709 719 Karthikbabu S Chakrapani M Ganeshan S et al A review on assessment and treatment of the trunk in stroke A need or luxury Neural Regen Res 2012 7 25 1974 1977 Mudie MH Winzler Mercay U Radwan S et al Training symmetry of weight distibution after stroke a randomized controlled pilot study comparing task related reach Bo bath and feedback training approaches Clin Rehab 2002 16 582 592 Sohn MK Jee SJ Hwang P Jeon Y Lee H The effects of shoulder slings on balance in patients with hemiplegic stroke Ann Rehabil Med 2015 39 6 986 994 3 1 6 Bewegungsanalysen Sie sind integriert in die Themenbereiche posturale Kontrolle Lokomotion und Reichen und Greifen Literatur Holdar U Wallin L Heiwe S Why do we do as we do Factors influencing clinical reasoning and decision making among physiotherapists in an acute setting Physiother Res Int 2013 18 4 220 229 Skjaerven LH Kristoffersen K Gard G An eye for move ment quality a phenomenological study of movement qua lity reflecting a group of physiotherapists understanding of the phenomenon Physiother Theory Pract 2008 24 1 13 27 Skjaerven LH Kristoffersen K Gard G How can move ment quality be promoted in clinical practice A pheno menological study of physical therapist experts Phys Ther 2010 90 10 1479 1492 Subramanian SK Yamanaka J Chilingaryan G Levin MF Validity of movement pattern kinematics as measures of arm motor impairment poststrok Stroke 2010 41 10 2303 2308

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